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January 2018 - Yotta Homes

home builder charlotte

This article was created by a customer and represents the “organic” view regarding this issue of a customer. It`s well formulated, precise and worthy to read 🙂 1. Don’t confuse the base price with the actual price of the home. Realize you will be quoted a cost for the home itself, but that you will

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home builder in charlotte

As a homebuilder, we strive to continuously improve our new home designs to meet the needs of our homebuyers. What trends will homebuyers see in the design of our new homes this year? Here’s a list of our top five that are incorporated into many Yotta`s floor plans:   1. Walk through and walk through

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home builder in charlotte

Flooring is an important selection as you start to build and design your new home. It sets the tone for the rest of the house, which is why it’s important to get it right and consider all of your options. Hardwood Tile vs. Solid Hardwood. You’ve probably experienced both of these floors without really noticing,

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