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About Yotta Homes

YOTTA Homes LLC. was established in 2014, is a custom home building company dedicated to quality construction with excellent craftsmanship, solid state of the art construction, classic features, and service beyond the sale. As a registered engineer, Gaby the President and Owner of Yotta Homes uses his expertise to build homes with quality construction, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and unique designs. Each home is constructed in harmony with its environment. Our attention is mainly focused on residential building in three states Virginia South Carolina and North Carolina. We are specialized in new constructions, costume house building and in major remodel bathroom and kitchen. The names of Yotta Homes comes from the mathematic algorithm 10 Power 24 at this link with the weight of our planet the reason our planet has the weight of a proximate 6×10 power 24 You know way we tried to symbolize the fact that the construction industry should also be gentle with our planet, planet earth. Our philosophy is “One of a kind. One at a time.`` This means that every custom home built by Yotta Homes is unique and that every client is given full attention throughout the entire design, construction, and most importantly, after the house is completed. At Yotta Homes, our clients demand comprehensive services, including lot evaluation, preliminary construction costs, scheduling information, architect selection, and any other aspect of custom home building. We at Yotta Homes are able to respond immediately to these needs, minimizing needless costs of both time and money for our clients.

Reasons to work with us:

We work together with your tastes!

The general home builder mentality is to stay with the classical things that the constructor already used for years in his field of activity.

We at Yotta Homes dedicate time to understand deeply your ideas, tastes, preferred colors etc to make sure that the house we are going to build represents EXACTLY what you need and expected from us. In this mission you will be our active partner in every step we take.

How it works!

As your home builder,Yotta Homes will help you and your architect get on paper what you want – well coordinated set of plans.

We will make every effort to work with you and your architect to help you design within the budget you define. The exact price of your “One of a kind . One at a time.” custom home can be determined only after complete plans have been priced. After you, your architect and Yotta Homes have worked through preliminary, final, and complete plans, it may take several weeks to accurately price your home. Only then can a complete and reliable final proposal be provided. During this stage, take your time and make sure a complete understanding of all details exist between all involved. This will save time, money and misunderstandings later.

If the proposal meets your needs and is acceptable to you, we will prepare the contract necessary for you to secure your financing.  When your financing is in place, we will secure all building permits, arrange connections to utilities, survey and stake the house on your property, then excavate, so that actual construction can commence.  The construction time ranges from 6 to 15 months, depending on size and amount of detail in your “One of a kind. One at a time.” dream custom home.

By the time we start construction, we will have spent considerable time together, knowing far more than the lines that appear on your plans and the words in the specifications.  A “One of a kind. One at a time.” Custom Home is as unique as its owners.  With a lot of work and communication, the construction period should be an exciting time for you, and a productive time for us.

When the time arrives and your “One of a kind. One at a time.” custom home is complete, you will enjoy the results of your efforts and be proud of the home you designed.

We care about environmental pollution!

We at Yotta Homes care A LOT about our environment! This is clear specified in our philosophy and policies. That is was we strongly advise our clients to use and choose construction materials and methods that are friendly with our environment and in general with everything that connects to the health of Planet Earth.

We love and respect our environment and we care to show that in every step we take in the construction field.

We can find a suitable budget for everyone!

At Yotta Homes we believe that we can find a suitable budget for every clients. Its true thou excellent results are not coming out very cheap, but we do believe that you budget can find a solution in our services palette.

Contact us and get a free estimate for your project and convince yourself.

Using world class materials, providing first class services and more than 75,000 employees

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This is our executive team!




I was born in Romania near the mountains in the city of Brasov. I came to US in 2002 and shortly after, I started being involved in construction business. My first job was a scheduler in a truss factory. There I learned many aspects of framing, especially roof framing. Soon after this I worked for my contractor license. In 2007 I started building new construction and remodeling. Since then I have been building and remodeling zin South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The jobs were diverse and included new construction, major remodeling bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, flooring, and roof. Over the years we were very successful in serving all of our clients. For some of them we work on multiple projects for almost 10 years, and the reason for that is the fact that we try our best to satisfy our clients. Our reviews reflect this reality and it would be our great pleasure to help you in your construction project.  I am interested in ways to save energy and reduce bills through use of renewable energy. I applied and received the electrical licensing in South Carolina for the purpose of installing solar panels and renewable energy in homes. If you want to transform your house in an efficient one I can help. I love to help people build their dream home.




I was born in Europe but developed professionally in South Carolina and North Carolina. In the beginning I had to move in different rental homes. As anyone I dreamed for years about how my ideal house is going to look like and how it will best serve my family’s needs. When my husband and I were ready to build a house, we did not know what to do and did not find anybody to help. My husband worked hard and studied to get his builder license. He built our first dream home. It was truly a dream come true. Since then, I put my time and effort to help other people with my personal experience in getting closer to their idea l living space. My passion is to help you experience the process of home building or remodeling with the least amount of frustration and the highest amount of satisfaction.

Clients & Partners

See what we did and what others has to say about us.

“Working with Yotta Homes was amazing. We started the relation as a guy hiring a home builder and continue it till today as friends. I totally recommend Gaby and his team to everyone that is looking for one of the best home builder available in North Carolina!”  Peter H. Mavrick

home builder in charlotte

Peter H. Mavrick

Business Owner

“I am so pleased with every little detail.  This is truly the best built house I’ve ever lived in.” Delia A.

home builder charlotte

Delia A.

Business Owner

“Gaby went above and beyond the call of duty, spending hours talking about ideas and laying out options to make sure we got exactly what we wanted.  I couldn’t have asked for more patience.  What a great experience.”

home builder charlotte

Cornel Albu

Starwood Flooring--Owner

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