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At Yotta Homes, we have two ways that you can choose to start your process of custom, personalized home building:

Custom Built: Choose to start from scratch, bottom-up floor plan creation, in which we work together with you and an architect to build you the perfect home that is unique to your needs. We are limitless with this choice, as you can put all of your ideas into action and truly create a custom home. Dreaming of the perfect farmhouse with wood floors throughout your open space? You always pictured the beautifully landscaped courtyard that led out to your luxurious guest house in the backyard? With your ideas and our team of skilled and qualified specialists, we can truly customize the quality home you have always dreamed about.

Floor Plans: Choose from a pre-existing floor plan design that speaks to you. From time to times, the perfect home can only arise from starting with a model. This path allows us to choose from a variety of already existing floor plans and build upon them, truly giving you the power of customization and creativity.

The value of custom home building means that we can take a solid design where you could start out with a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom and adjust it perfectly to you. Want to move walls around? Redesign a kitchen? Add a bedroom? No problem. The way that we will build your house will allow you at any time to review parts of your interiors without any issues.


Why choose custom built homes?

When building your home, you are not only creating the perfect dream house that you have envisioned for today, but you are building as well your future. Custom building allows you the flexibility to think about what you want for the future, whether you plan on expanding your family, or building the perfect retirement home.

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